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Tasty School Lunches

Ever sent the kids off to school knowing their lunch boxes are filled with the same boring sandwiches? Ever thought of introducing them to the best Sushi lunch treats? Well, Sushi-Pro is now available in schools and Universities in parts of Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

We've actively encourage school canteens to Sushi in Brisbane and the Gold Coast as it's a great alternative to boring old sandwiches and fatty pies and pastries. We deliver fresh Sushi to these areas daily and the reaction from the kids in Schools has been outstanding. Finally they have a choice for their lunch boxes which is tasty, filling, healthy and fresh.

Delivering the best Sushi in Brisbane to Hospitals and Universities is proving to be hugely successful too with patients and students loving our range and variety of individually wrapped Sushi Rolls, Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls and Sushi platters. Our packaging lists all the ingredients and complies by the HACCP standards.

Caterers are loving our services too; our refrigerated vans deliver the best sushi platters and variety platters crisp and fresh to their event on the day. Weddings, Office functions, Staff luncheons, University and School Canteens, our range of Sushi platters and individual rolls pleases everyone

It's a pleasure to achieve such high standards of Sushi in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and northern NSW - our delivery area is growing weekly.  Feel free to view our Menu and Order Form online or give us a call to arrange an order - our staff are happy to help. 


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The Very Best Sushi Brisbane


Ever wondered who makes the best sushi in Brisbane for catering to your event? Sushi Pro makes a sushi delivery in Brisbane daily with the best sushi and freshest vietnamese rice paper rolls Brisbane has available.


We pride ourselves on the level of hygiene and refrigeration we achieve for the very best sushi and vietnamese rice paper rolls Brisbane and Southern QLD. If you're event catering Brisbane based and looking to have the best sushi and a sushi delivery daily then we can assist you. Our vans are refrigerated to allow fresh sushi and vietnamese rice paper rolls to stay fresh till they are handed to you on the day of your event catering. The vegetables and noodles in the vietnamese rice paper rolls stay crisp and fresh to give you and your event attendees the 'just made' taste experience. Our sushi delivery is made daily and we also cover areas such as the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Northern NSW. Sushi deliveries are made to schools, hospitals, Universities, cafe’s and more. Our clients expect our sushi to be of the highest quality so our regulation and procedures are exceptionally strict. Our kitchen facilities are of the highest quality and our staff work tirelessly through the night to produce the best sushi and Vietnamese Rice paper rolls Brisbane will receive. Call us today or visit our website and view the comprehensive Menu and Order forms to order for your event catering Brisbane or South East QLD. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the best sushi in Brisbane.



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