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Sushi Brisbane?

Have you ever headed out of the office for your lunch break thinking that sushi would be a quick, easy lunch option? Fresh rice rolls filled with your favourite chicken, beef and avocado slices - or a small sushi platter of bite-size mixed sushi with dipping sauce. Sushi Brisbane.

Buying ‘take out’ fresh, tasty, quality sushi in Brisbane can be a challenge. Unless you plan to sit down in a Brisbane Sushi restaurant and take your full hour lunch break it can be difficult to find a good ‘take away’ option. If you do find a good outlet, it can mean queuing and hoping to get something ready to take and run!

Sushi Pro offers caterers, cafe’s, restaurants, schools & bars etc, the option to pay wholesale sushi prices on sushi packs and Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls - in fact we even supply offices with mixed sushi platters and many catering options for small groups and / or staffing lunch options. Our specially packaged rolls come with easy peel away wrappers, full dietary details and dates to display the freshness of our sushi. We deliver our fresh Brisbane sushi to many schools, hospitals and caterers on a daily basis. Cooked fresh (poached not fried), rolled and packaged in the early hours of the morning our specially refrigerated sushi trucks head off to the metro Brisbane area, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and northern NSW every week day.

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